The night of the 22nd to the 23rd of January 2023 the Comet 2022 E3 crossed an interesting field of galaxies, including NGC5709. While capturing telescopic images from my backyard observatory I managed to take this landscape photo of the event. The comet just rose behind the forest when I started capturing the images, so I thought it was a great opportunity to capture the beauty of this comet and the landscape that surrounded my home observatory.

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Image Details

Blended image composed of a single 30″ landscape image and a stacked 20×30″ image captured at the same time, starting 21:55 UTC of the 22nd of January 2023.


Sky: 20×30″ (10′) 

Landscape:: 30″

Sky images calibrated with darks, flats, dark-flats.

ISO: 2500


Total exposure: 10′ 30″


Average Moon phase at 1.5 %

Image resolution: 12.83”/pixel


Sony A7S camera

Samyang 135mm at f/2.0

Star Adventurer mount


No guiding


APP, PIX, LR, BlurXt, NoseXt, PS.

Aleix Roig, 23rd of January 2023.
Prades (Tarragona, Catalonia – Spain).

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