Remote Meteor Station

Astrocat Observatory is a Remote Meteor Station of the meteor detection stations of the GMN (Global Meteor Network). It has the code ES000F. Click here to see the latest detections

To know more about it you can follow this link.


The main operational goal of the project it to establish a decentralized science-grade instrument which observes the night sky every night of the year from as many locations around the world as possible.

The science goals of the project are the following:

  • Providing the meteor community with near real-time awareness of near Earth meteoroid environment by publishing orbits of all observed meteors from all around the globe every morning.
  • Observing meteor showers, computing their flux, mass indices and  orbits to constrain meteor shower prediction models.
  • Observing meteorite producing fireballs to increase the number of meteorites with know orbits (only ~50 circa 2021, more info: and help constrain meteorite source regions.
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