Parc Astronòmic Muntanyes de Prades

By the end of 2015 we started a series of contacts with the Ajuntament de Prades (city council) to create an astronomy outreach program. During all the 2016 we started a series of activities that were included in a new project, Astroprades. This project had as a main goal the creation of an astronomical center in the region of Muntanyes de Prades and Serra de Montsant. This became a reality the summer 2020 by the aperture of the Visitors center in the center of the Prades village. In the near horizon we are working towards the creation of a professional astronomical observatory that will be located in one of the best locations of the Iberian Peninsula, at the Pla de la Guàrdia. This perfect spot has an average darkness around 21.40 mag/arcsec2 and an average seeing of 1.0 to 1.5 arcsec.

At Parc Astronòmic Muntanyes de Prades we combine educational activities with students from all stages, research programs and general astronomy outreach. We also focus on the protection of the surrounding environment and the improvement of the night sky conditions.

In 2021 more than 20 municipalities have agreed to protect its dark skies by law. And have became a new Starlight Tourist Destination the “Muntanyes de Prades i Serra de Montsant” certified by the international Fundación Starlight. To stay updated about all the news you can follow us at @parcastroprades

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