On September 2021 I had the privilege to make an old dream came true, a trip to one of the world darkest skies, Namibia Tivoli Farm.

I was here just for a few days, but in that short period of time I was able to gather several data: deep sky images (using an ASA 12″ Astrograph), widefield images and also some timelapses.

The image shown above is a processed one single frame of one of the timelapses I was able to capture during this dream week in Namibia. The location is just several hundred meters from my host ASA observatory. Daylight soptting allowed me to find the best places for the night timelapses.

Image Details

1 single image 20″ 5000ISO f/1.7

Data acquisition: 8th of September 2021.

Location: Tivoli Farm (Namibia)

Coordinates: 23º 27′ 40″ South – 18º 01′ 01″ West

Darkness: 22.15 mag/arcsec2

(the darkest place I’ve ever visited)


Lens: Sigma Art 24mm 1.4

Camera: SonyA7S mod



Aleix Roig – Tivoli Farm (Namibia), September 2021.



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