On September 2021 I had the privilege to make an old dream came true, a trip to one of the world darkest skies, Namibia Tivoli Farm.

I was there just for a few days, but in that short period of time I was able to gather several data: deep sky images (using an ASA 12″ Astrograph), widefield images and also some timelapses.

This production is the result from the 4 nights spent at Tivoli Astro Farm. Some great places around the farm to capture the beauty of the southern skies.

Video description:

A long time dreamed trip: Namibia’s dark sky and Tivoli Astro Farm. Located at the southern hemisphere, Namibia has some amazing dark skies. The country is one of the less populated all around the world, and is considered to be one of the darkest locations worldwide.

This September 2021 my wife Georgina Serven and myself Aleix Roig, started a one week trip to this magnificent location: the Tivoli Astro Farm.

This place is the astronomers and astrophotographers dream. It hosts several remote observatories and also some others that can be operated directly from the same location. We rented the ASA 12″ Astrograph observatory to capture some deep sky images (mostly galaxies, star clusters and some nebulae). The trip has been a dream come true. The stay was just perfect!

I would like to thank the Tivoli Astro Farm team for all their help. Reinhold and Kerstin are great hosts. An special mention to Gerhard Bachmayer and Wolfgang Promper for their technical suport at the observatory. And also to Thomas Maca for all his help. They are a great team.


Timelapses: Aleix Roig

Images: Georgina Serven & Aleix Roig

Production: Aleix Roig – www.astrocat.info

Music: Vens Adams “Adventure is calling”

Image Details

Data acquisition: 7th to the 10th of September 2021.

Location: Tivoli Farm (Namibia)

Coordinates: 23º 27′ 40″ South – 18º 01′ 01″ West

Maximum darkness: 22.15 mag/arcsec2



Sigma Art 24mm 1.4

Samyang 14mm 2,8

Camera: SonyA7S mod

Mount: Star Adventurer mount

Drone: DJI Mavic Mini 2


LR, PS, Star Trails, VideoPad.

Aleix Roig – Tivoli Farm (Namibia), September 2021.



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