The Cone Nebula is part of a vast HII region located 2,700 light-years away from Earth in the Monoceros constellation. In this wide field image, composed by a 2 panne mosaic, we can also see several dark and reflection nebulae. The main deep sky objects in this field are NGC2264 (Cone Nebula), IC447 (a bluish reflection nebula, with also some faint Ha data inside), LBN899, LBN902 and LDN 1610. We can also see an open star cluster, Cr105, next to the Cone Nebula.

To capture this image I used my dual FSQ setup. The FSQ85 was only used to capture Ha data (shown in red in the image), while the FSQ106, at a higher resolution, was used for the LRGB filters.

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Image Details


L: (216+203) x 300″ (18h+16h55′)

RGB: (19/16,18/16,18/16) x 300″ (4h35’+4h)


Ha: (308+269) x 300″ (25h40’+22h25′)


Calibrated with darks, flats and dark-flats.


Total exposure: 91h35′


Moon at 25% (on average)

Image resolution: 1.46”/pixel

FOV (full image): 3º04’x2º25′ (30.7 full moons)


FSQ106 EDX4 + ASI2600MM + LRGB Astrodon filters + Ha3nm Antlia – with ZWO EFW 7 pos

FSQ85 + ASI294MM + SHO LRGB Baader filters – with ZWO EFW 8 pos

Mesu200 mount

Guiding with ASI120MM and ZWO Mini Guide Scope



Aleix Roig, March 2022
Prades (Tarragona, Catalonia – Spain).


Full HD view on Astrobin.

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