The Pleiades open cluster, also known as M45, are slowly destroying part of a huge cloud of gas and dust. This young cloud of gas is thought to be the part of Gpuld’s belt. An active star forming region close to our Solar System. Not being part of the open cluster, this dusty area of our Milky Way is being altered by the hot B-type stars of the open cluster that repels its particles creating its characteristic filamentary texture. 
We can find this amazing area of the night sky in the constellation of Taurus. The Pleiades is the brightest naked eye open cluster as seen from Earth. It’s also known as The Seven Sisters and Subaru. It’s thought to be some 100 million years old. The average distance from this cluster of stars is around 440 light-years from Earth.

Image Details

152×120″ 1600ISO f/2.8

Calibration: darks, flats, dark-flats.

Total exposure: 5h 04′


Data acquisition: 6th of November 2021.

Location: Astrocat Observatory, Prades (Tarragona, Catalonia – Spain).

Darkness: 20.90 mag/arcsec2


Lens: Samyang 135mm

Camera: SonyA7S mod

Mount: Mesu200



Aleix Roig – Prades (Tarragona, Spain), November 2021.




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